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The majority of us need some kind of incentive to exercise every day.

True, there are the few who get out of bed in the morning and do their thing. Day -After-Day.

It’s part of their nature – they feel good about what they’re doing and that’s reason enough for them to stretch, do aerobics, yoga, pilates – it doesn’t matter – they do it to feel good.

But for most of us, exercising is a chore, an abysmal task, a drudgery that we all know “in theory” should be done every day, or at least most days. But it usually soon gets set aside with such inglorious excuses as; “I woke up too late”, “The kids were sick”, “I didn’t get enough sleep.” Or maybe the most honest answer of all, “I just didn’t feel like exercising today.” So what do the rest of us do to make sure we “Stay at It”?


First of all, realize that if you want to exercise everyday it must become a habit, second nature, something you don’t even need to think about. But habits take time to develop. On average a good habit, as opposed to a bad habit which often develops very quickly, takes somewhere between 21 – 30 days to develop.

And that’s if you do it consistently every day. Not once a week, not every other day, and certainly not sometimes – every day for three to four weeks. But even when you get in the habit of exercising, you will still need an incentive to want to continue.  Habits, especially good ones, can become old and tired over time. Or what if you are sick for a day or two, what happens to the habit then? What will make you want to get back up on the horse (figuratively speaking of course), and  ride again?Put this advice into practice and come back to this site for more tips later. GOOD LUCK!\r\n


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