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Someone once said: 

“Happiness is a state of mind. “

Well, if happiness is a state of mind,then Boulder is its capital!

There is a  universal quest for happiness. People will go to great lengths and travel long

distances to find a home or an answer which will give them happiness and fulfillment. Not

everybody is successful in this quest. In fact several studies and surveys have been

conducted to determine what percentage of people are truly happy, and why. In fact, several

popular books have been published reporting on the reults of these studies.

One such book report was featured on May 8th on the CBS television program “Sunday Morning”

But don’t just take their word for it. The author, Dan Witter runs the Gallup-Healthways

Well-Being Index, a projected 25-year study – the most in-depth ever – of Americans’ overall

satisfaction with life.The Gallup research digs deeper, beyond vague feelings of

“happiness,” to gather more measurable data on 55 aspects of overall well-being – everything

from emotional and physical health, to how satisfied we are with work.

“We talked to 1,000 American adults every single night, every night of the year, so by the

end of the year, you’ve captured 350,000 respondents,” Witters said.
Gallup has interviewed more than a million Americans since 2008, enough to map our

happiness. After all the data was analyzed, Gallup ranked the populations of 188

metropolitan areas from highest well-being to lowest.

Boulder was number one.

No surprise: On a statewide level, Hawaii heads the top ten. But this isn’t just about good

weather. Wyoming, North Dakota, Alaska and Colorado are next, and no Southern state made the


What’s Boulder doing right? Why are people in Boulder, Colorado happier and those in

Huntington, W.Va., at the bottom?

“Well, they’re taking care of themselves, for one thing,” said Witters. “Obesity is only 13

percent, smoking is only 13 percent. So they’ve got a very good handle on how to care for

themselves, and so happiness is very high. Stress is low.” Read the rest of this entry

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